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Casting Flux

Casting Powder

Over the last years the customer request for high quality casting powder was growing and we offer a huge range of granulated and powder casting flux. The modern casting flux have to achieve the requirements of each specific caster and steel quality for thermal isolation, absorption and dissolution of non-metallic inclusions, lubrication in the mould, homogenize and optimize the heat transfer. Especially by peritectic steel grade the homogeny heat transfer is necessary to obtain a well-balanced cooling and solidification of steel for preventing the formation of cracks.

Casting powder
According the requirements of customers Sheffield offers a big range of carbon free casting fluxes for ULC-/INOX-steels, casting fluxes for peritectic and micro-alloyed steels, casting fluxes for thin slab casting, casting flux for decreasing the corrosion of metallic constructions of continuous casting machine.

Casting powder